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Ouji-San's Resident Evil 1 Tv Review

Rated: 9

The Series present itself well teling you what happedned before and why this character is here at this particular location.

I say they cant make us borred with these presentations.

The Presentation in the original game (first one) was done very well at the time it gave a sense of unease like whats gonna happen.

The RE 2 Presentation was a comlete change in looks i notivced a the cgi and though i was not a good change but i axcepted it since it made it look much better. it was nice and interesting for two characters to be played with at the same time event and they were together (not long).

RE Code veronica was a bit short but it gave that sense of acton and was very straight foward.

RE 3 that was ok but it showed S.T.A.R.

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